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Tecnocasa Group: the franchising network of real estate intermediaries and credit mediators

The real estate intermediary networks

Tecnocasa and Tecnorete offer real estate intermediation services for finding, buying and selling residential, industrial and commercial real estate through a specialized network of franchises located throughout Italy.  Extensive experience with real estate markets in many different communities is what enables these real estate agencies to offer a full range of services through a team of expert and reliable professionals.

The credit intermediation company

The Tecnocasa group includes a credit intermediation company owner of the two trademarks - Kiron and Epicas - specialized in consumer credit and the acquisition of loans or other financing for the purchase or renovation of real estate properties.

Tecnocasa Advisory Group

Born in May 2005 as a innovative platform for intermediation, consultancy and management in Real Estate and in NPL, following the fortunate intuition of combining the most diversified and complementary experiences coming from the universe of merchant banking and the uniqueness of knowledge legacy and presence on the territory of the Tecnocasa Group.
The structure is articulated in 3 teams:
the Agency Team that coordinates the process of real estate portfolio divest using the Tecnocasa network;
the Valuation Team that carries out the asset evaluation;
the Loan Team that deals with all the problems concerning credit management and NPL portfolio acquisition processes.